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In all my time travelling, I have never had a flight delay for longer than an hour. That was until we flew back from Berlin. When we arrived for our flight home. There were lots of delays but ours was still at the scheduled state.


Until it was about a few hours before it was time for us to leave. Then the board stated we were delayed too. I did tweet them and did get a text message telling us that we would leave at 22.35pm. We were due to leave at 18.10pm – a four and a half hour delay.


We were given a voucher for food which came to £3.50 and that does not even cover a Burger King Meal. So we claimed our food and settled in for a long wait. I did not expect to fly home, as a lot of airlines cancelled their flights. But thankfully we did at 22.30 and arrived back at London Stansted at 23.29. It turned out we had a back up crew as there was a rota error.


So the next day, I got an email from Ryanair


This made me smile, as I knew that we were entitled to EUR 250 per person under Article 7 of EU Regulation 261/2004. And this email made little mention of this. So I put in a claim and within ten days, we were told we were being credit with EUR 500 on the card we paid with. So this more than paid for the whole trip to Germany.

Remember you are entitled to compensation if:

  • you have a confirmed booking
  • you checked in on time, or if no check-in time was given, then at least 45 minutes before your flight was scheduled to depart
  • you’re departing from an EU airport, or from a non-EU airport and flying into an EU airport on a ‘community carrier’ (an airline with its headquarters and main place of business within the EU. This includes all European discount and no-frills airlines).


If you’re travelling with a non-EU based airline flying from a non-EU destination, the airline doesn’t have the same duty to look after you. If you are ever in the same situation in a EU country take photos,  of departure boards, and make sure you claim your food voucher and your compensation.

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