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My March, another life update, while still off work, again having to put off travel plans and days out. And this is written with me using a pen to type this. I have Netflix and Amazon on again – this time I watched;

My husband has been on at me to watch Stranger Things. Which he later admitted that he didn’t he told me to watch Sneaky Pete on Amazon and I just got it wrong. It was only eight episodes which I like. But I really do not get why everyone raves about this. It was watchable but not something that I will rush back to watch its second run later this year.

So I decided to try Sneaky Pete after my husband said it was very good. Again, a ten episode run which is a plus for me. But I did not enjoy it much. So I stopped watching after episode five.

I then found Person Of Interest on Netflix. I have already seen the first three series and enjoyed them. So I watched series four and really enjoyed this. It is so well written and topical with all the Wikileaks recently !

I watched all thirteen episodes of Iron Fist and I quite enjoyed it. I saw the reviews that did not like it and it was not bad and I would watch another series if it was made.

And I was not missing this. This was a family trip with my sisters, mum, nephew and niece and we all loved it.

And I finally got to see this – I went to see this at the cinema last November and within ten minuites promptly fell asleep. It just was not meant to be ! It was okay but I did not love this like Harry Potter. And I do not think I will be at the cinema for the next one. I will wait for the digital release.

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