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February and March 2023 are going to be pretty much the same.  I am decluttering and organising so much more. I have had such a long hard think about our house, and realised that there is so much more we can declutter, sell, give to charity or throw away.

I started in the bedroom, and went through every drawer, bookcase, wardrobe. What’s been good for me, is having a clear purpose. Normally during these months, I am so ill in bed. I do have the odd few days of working through a bug normally a cold or my sinus issues. But I need to sort out my summer wardrobe things. Not been touched so much in two years but will do this during the spring season.

So far, I have decluttered four boxes of old dvds and blurays. I have watched most of my old favourites and managed to empty out of one of the boxes. The question I have is Disney and Marvel. I have blurays of my early Marvel movies and most of the Disney/Pixar films. I do have a the Disney+ subscription, but on the fence if I will continue this. I asked my other half, and he said just cancel it. We both rarely watch it. So will be keeping my favourite films.

Then we made new organisers for our kitchen drawers from our 3d printer and had a good declutter. It looked so much better. Then I got very ill with the bad weather. Weather has turned bitterly cold in March. I had goals of clearing out the utility room but it is just too cold. I can not spend any time doing that yet. And still do not know what I am doing with the two cupboards in there. One is completely finished, so this will most likely be a spring/summer declutter.

I have started to sort out my travel things. At the moment, I have a short haul box for carry on items and another box for long haul flights which I have not been on since 2018. But I do not have any inclination to look at places in Asia or the Caribbean. I do not even want to go back to the USA even though there are so many places there and people to meet up with. It is just to much for my body to stand.

I will sort out our hall cupboard in May when his lordship is away and often stops me getting rid of things.

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