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Simple body products I have found and just love. I was shopping in either B&M, Savers or Home Bargains for household products. When a Simple shower product for £1 caught my eye. I put in the trolley to test out, as I have tried so many budget bath and shower products and they have been rubbish. Then I have passed them onto to family members who are happy to finish them off.

Simple Body

This photo was taken a month after trying it and I just was so shocked that I found this budget product that actually worked for me. It was so just nice, that I brought a bigger size. This 500ml was only £2 and I know this will be repurchased over and over again. I also found more Simple bath and shower products to test.

Simple Body

Next up was the Simple Nourishing Shower Cream and this made me skin so soft. It has added glycerin. But even the next morning, my skin felt soft. This is also going to be repurchased over and over again.

simple body

I found another Simple bath cream, this time I only paid £1.50. This was reduced to clear and thought I would give this a chance. If I do not like, I can always pass this on.

Simple Hand Wash

This Simple hand wash I found in Savers in my town. This was only £1 and both of us like it. We have no problems with this and will repurchase this. This is in my downstairs toilet and when I have finished another hand wash in our bathroom, I will replace with this or another one from the same line. They do different versions of hand wash.

Hair Products

2024 curls

With my curly hair, the shampoo is a great when I need to clarify. It just works well. I tested the conditioner on my curls this year. It will be interesting if this works on my hair.


This Simple body, hair and hand care products are such a surprise to me. I really thought I would not get on with them. But they all work so well. I will post my thoughts on them all when I have finished them at the end of the year.

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