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June and July 2023, summer is finally here


The first week, I have a long overdue catch up with my best friend. I have not seen him since September 2022. He has similar health issues to me, so we support each other so much. We talk so much over WhatsApp during the winter months, as he understands why I have to hibernate. It was lovely to see him and just catch up. He makes me laugh so much.

My gut issues are continuing, and I am now cutting out as much bread as I can. Trying a fresh roll from my local Lidl ever other day. I am also meal prepping so much as I prefer my home cooking rather than shop brought meals when he is away or working in London.

I also found out that MacDonalds might be opening in my town. Literally a fifteen walk from me. I only have a plain hamburger with onions and ketchup and a banana milkshake. Its my favourite, and my husband often jokes that I am a cheap date. I could literally walk there, have lunch and then walk back. I am hoping that it get planning permission, as well as my other family who also live in this town.

Then our internet went down for three days again, a BT engineer came around. He had to dig up where the gas men had been and reconnect up with better equipment. He was here for four hours and when finished, he had doubled our download speed. We had upgraded our internet to fibre in the new year, but never saw any difference and now we have.

Then bowel issues again and back at the doctor. He thinks I have either IBS, IBD or inflammation in my large intensities. Or I could both of these conditions. Potentially my fourth autoimmune condition. Time will tell, I had to do bowel samples and more blood tests.

Husband went to the Czech Republic for another motorbike event, I encourage him to do this, as I want him to get to as many tracks as he can. I do not want him to be like me, and not able to get to places like I am now.

Late June, I got my 850 intolerance test back and this can be found here. It now means that I have to cut out over half that I eat and make this from scratch.

And the last day of the month, taking my mum to A&E as she was so ill and after three hours we were out. But I do not think that is the end of her health problems.


The first week, my doctor told me to go back on to gluten and do more stool samples. What fun, making myself ill and having problems in both stomach and bowels for the first two weeks. Stomach pain even woke me up in the middle of the night. It has been horrible.

Slowly sorting out my kitchen, as in the autumn, I will be making more food from scratch. So I can see what actually goes into my body and avoid as much as possible that irritates. I have so much to avoid, that can be found from my latest results. Using my new kitchen things is amazing and I am so impressed with them.

I also got to go and see the Writtle Sunflowers and it was lovely. I wanted to go last year but I could not a ticket. This year, we went on the opening day. As soon as I got out the car, the farmer came over to speak to me, and whenever we walked around the plot, he would stop and speak to me. He was so nice and not what I expected.

In mid July, the ladies FIFA World Cup started and it was great to wake up and watch the games in the morning as it was held in Australia.

Then another problem with my broken tooth, now on anti biotics, and waiting for an appointment locally to discuss having this removed. It has got to go, soon rather than later.

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