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This year during my home mot, I have made some findings. Tesco mobile had set up three direct debits and we have been paying them over £150 more than we should. My husband and I have both called their customer helpline since December to sort this out and keep getting fobbed off. They stated every time, there is only two payments, so I went back to the start of the new mobile contract in June 2018. I ended up printing up statements, that I have had to send them to sort this out.  Not happy with them at all. I know I should have kept a eye of monthly bills, but so much travel and illness just meant that things got missed. Still not got this sorted with Tesco Mobile, and told then that I am now writing to the ombudsman. And just before we send it off, we get a call confirming that they have be over charging us and that they will give us full refund. But considering this has taking over five months to sort out. We are not continuing with them. We have moved our mobiles back to BT, as we get 5 GB for less money, as we got a discount with having broadband and a family deal with our sim cards.

Our Sky package that is television and broadband and house calls was increased from £67.50 to £71.50 from April. In February, as I have been restricted to my bed for over eight weeks and not bothered about watching anything. We decided to cancel and just get a free sat box, and then my husband realised that our television already has Netflix also has free sat built in. He also wanted to go back to fibre broadband. I had picked the basic cheapest for our needs. But even cancelling this with Sky and going to BT basic fibre will save us over £740 over the eighteen month contract.


My gas and electricity has also increased but I am tied into a contract until February 2020. But will check this monthly, to see if any deal makes a big difference. To buy ourselves out, there is no financial saving to make.

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Our home and building insurance renewal was doubled with no difference in what they offered. I called The AA why they did this and with no real explanation I cancelled the renewal. And saved money yet again. Also used compare the market to qualify for two for one cinema tickets and meals.

And something else I would like to get more of a handle on is our food wastage. We buy bits and pieces that we never get around to eating, so this I hope is going to stop. I need to shop more than more once a week and do little shops and eat the food. Instead of one big weekend shop and never get around to eating as there is so much choice and stuff goes out of date. I am still trying to get my head around this issue.

Continuing to declutter my home is taking longer than I thought. I have started on my loft, and that has brought more rubbish on top of the rubbish that I have already got. I am hoping to be well enough to get this sorted. Being house bound is no fun.


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