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I have loved Harry Potter for years, and I do mean years. I have two copies of this book series. I remember finding them back in 2001 in the USA with my husband and just loved it. Then my friends would make a night of it. From Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (book 4), my friends and I would plan a weekend in London. Do you remember the midnight launches ? We would be there getting our copy and then going back to our hotel room and then reading it all through the night ! Then I would pass onto my younger sister to read. Now my nephew is reading the box series. I brought him the complete collection last Christmas, and he is now on book 2. It is lovely sharing things like this with family.

With my recent decluttering, I have come across things that I had forgotten that I had. This Lego Knight Bus I knew I would never get rid off. My husband found in a shop when we were in Venice and knew I would love it and I do!

I got these Harry Potter Lego sets for Christmas 2018.

I have the US editions and UK Adult editions of the book series. I was not a fan of the original British covers so I did not get them. Well I did and gave them to my sister. If I kept them they would have be worth some money. But I am happy with what I have !

I have now started to collect the illustrated editions as so far, they are so beautiful. I have only looked at them, as when they are all released that is when I will re-read the series. I already have the fourth book on order.

These are my other Harry Potter books some of the Hogwarts Library collection as I have the two illustrated ones too. The Quidditch Through The Ages does not come out until 2020. I will be buy it, so I have a complete collection. This is my limited edition The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I brought this back in 2007 and will never sell this.

These are my Fantastic Beasts Books section, with my adorable Funko Pops as not as much a fan of this series as I am Harry Potter. And my Honeydukes sweets, I have a few of things I like.

This is my chess set. I really wanted the £300 version, but I could not justify this, so when I saw this cheaper one for £30, I brought this.

Jewellery pieces and my Gringotts pieces that I own. I saw these and just fell in love with them. I use them to decorate my other book set.

I have a various money boxes.

I have a couple of mugs from previous visits to the Studio Tour

When I was away on holiday in 2016, I just wanted to read Harry Potter again, so I brought the kindle set, so where ever I go in the world. I can take these stories away with me !

I have been watching you tube video of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and have my eye on a few pieces. I do not buy everything as I am not a fan and just get what I like. The same with the Noble Collection pieces. I would have loved to buy the prop replicas and have all the Horcrux’s but they are too expensive. Maybe one day, but I prefer most of my money to go on travelling. I will love the world of Harry Potter until the day I die. I can not help myself !

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