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The Harry Potter Studio was somewhere I wanted to return to this year. I went with my friend and there were lots of new things to experience that I had not got around to seeing. I last went in January 2016 and was due a visit. I have not been to the tour for some time. It is very expensive for me, so I like to go and experience when I can see at least two new attractions rather than just one. So I aim to go every couple of years.  The Forbidden Forest was opened up at The Harry Potter Studio in late March 2017.  And these are my images from everything that I experienced and saw that was new. I also experienced this tour with a wheelchair this time. You are on your feet a lot on this tour and this is how I now have to experience tours like this.

studio tour studio tour studio tour

We finally got to visit inside Number 4 Privet Drive and I loved it. I have wanted to see this for years and was so pleased.

Gringotts Wizarding Bank was a lovely addition to the Studio Tour. However my only niggle is why could it not be like a proper Harry Potter set, like what you can see in Orlando. I did love walking out of Gringotts into Diagon Alley.  That was very well thought out. But is lovely knowing that these studios were where they actually filmed the films all those years ago. Anyway Gringotts Wizarding Bank which I have been looking forward too ever since they announced it in January 2019. I knew I had to avoid the school holidays and the summer holidays too.

harry harry

When I saw this for the first time, I was just WOW, it looked amazing. We walked around and visited all the goblins. They are a little freaky but they always were in the films. Everything on the bank desk is glued down which I was pleased to see. That way nothing can be stolen. It really was a beautiful set to visit. We were so lucky that when we visited, nobody was there.


I loved the new Chocolate Frog cafe, shaped as chocolate frog box, prices were steep. But looked amazing. Mind you, all the new shops did look amazing. My favourite was the Honeydukes section, as I love all the different sweets. But I still wish that the shops were in Diagon Alley, that would have been amazing. I will return in a few years as they are always adding more sections, and I just enjoying visiting them.


I will be returning once two or three more section have opened up. My friend and I are hoping to go when it dressed up for autumn. Can not wait to see what is next for the studio tour.

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