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Every year I do my annual mot on my health and my finances. This normally takes place on a day I am at home. This is so I can get my appointments with the dentist and optician booked on the same day.

annual MOT
annual MOT

Health Plan

I book them on the same time just to get them out of the way and as I pay out for a health plan, I send the receipts to them for a refund of up to 50%. I took out a healthcare plan for myself some time ago. When you have bad eyesight and bad teeth with five root canals. These appointments can cost a lot of money and for me this works for me. And I also claimed back my physiotherapy when the doctors told me I had tendonitis when it was actually rheumatoid arthritis. You just have to remember to claim back every time for any of the following treatments, dental, optical, prescription charges (I am now currently claiming back 50% of NHS prepayment certificate), physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, chiropody, podiatry, acupuncture, homeopathy, reflexology and health screening. They also help with if you need NHS or private hospital treatment. It works for me but not for me husband.

annual MOT

Then I go through my bank account and this year, I cancelled a Union direct debit, my Disney Life and just looked at everything we pay out for to see when we could make savings. We have already changed both Gas, Electric, Contents and Building Insurance recently. I use and take advantage of the meerkat movies if I want to see a film. And do share the code with family and friends.

annual MOT

I do all this so any savings I make go towards my travel money and all my annual MOT is to make sure I stay fit and well enough to travel as that is just what I love doing !

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