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Again, continuing to live more frugal, and with my new no buy year ban on books, I still getting books out of the local library. These are the books I got out in January 2019.


This is the D.I. Kim Stone stories by Angela Marsons. I am always wary of a new series of books, I have seen too many authors change their characters and to me, it feels like that maybe have got bored or burned out. And once they have published, the style has changed and never goes back to what you feel in love with. I got the first one Silent Scream in December, and was impressed and then continued reading them and each one was so good. I am pleased I got these from the library, so I then went and brought the rest of the nine book series as kindles as I could not wait to see where the story goes. I used my christmas voucher and will buy the next one when it is out in February


In the new year, I saw You on Netflix, and just wanted to see where the story went. Hidden Bodies was ordered and arrived quickly. The other story was awful. And that is the beauty of the library. Try before you buy. I would have brought both of these as kindles but I am glad I did not.


I have wanted to read some of Fearne Cotton books for some time, unfortunately this just was not interesting or helpful. It just did not work for me. But at least I saved my money. And this went straight back to the library, the next weekend.


I like James Patterson style of writing. But I can not read everything he writes, he releases so many books. So the beauty of the library, I read and get it out of my system and then it goes it straight back the next weekend. I only read the stories that interest me from this author. And this one did.


After reading book four Damaged first, I wanted to go back and read the beginning. So I ordered all three from Martina Cole and caught up.


These books by Janet Evanovich and Michael Connelly have been on my reading list for such a long time, and they finally came through. Hit and miss but there you go.

A new series, so I will see if I like these new authors, Patricia Gibney and Robert Bryndza.

My friend recommend this author, Paige Toon and just told me to read it. And I did enjoy it. I have reserved some more for her to see if they are any good.

I also picked this up when I was in there. Cecelia Ahern as I have always liked her. And my friend told me to read any Milly Johnson and Caraval by Stephanie Garber. So I will see what these books are like. And my next visit, I got these, all reserved and came through within a week.


On my library list these are still what I am after

  • Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman
  • Eve Of Man – Giovanna and Tom Fletcher
  • With The End In Mind – Kathryn Mannix
  • Step By Step – Simon Reeve
  • Say You’re Sorry – Karen Rose – brand new book
  • Connections In Dead – JD Robb – brand new book
  • 18th Abduction – James Patterson – brand new book
  • Run Away – Harlan Coben – brand new book
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