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Hairdryers I have never got on with. My three sisters and my mum can use them but I was always left with frizzy hair. I realised at a your age, that I always had to wash my hair in the am. To allow for the four to six hours drying time. Some days I would wash and go out with wet hair, or it was always pulled back or like now in a bun. Then one of my favourite hair dressers based in Bristol, was promoting a new style of hair dryer for curly hair. I was a little sceptical remember the Dyson !

Enter the Diffon Hot Air Diffuser from Bellissima UK, an Italian hair care brand with over 10 years’ experience making a variety of hair care tools. Recently launched in the UK, the Diffon is a combination of both hair dryer and diffuser attachment all in one, creating a small, lightweight diffuser that is easy to manoeuvre, even when hanging your head at all kinds of ridiculous angles (upside down diffusers)

The Diffon has a two heat/flow system, otherwise known as their Dry Care System, with both settings specifically designed to gently dry the hair, whilst enhancing volume and definition.

When I used this, I was flaring, so my hands are problematic, but it was not too heavy or painful for me. It worked so well. I am so impressed with this. It is not too hot which is good for my scalp. The price of £39.99 is good and anyone with curly hair would get on with this. I would recommend this to anyone with hair like mine, this is their website, I have since asked the brand for a carry case, as it I travel again, this is coming with me !

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