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To save money and get books off my reading list, I decided to return to the local library.  My first reservations were for

  • Karin Slaughter – Pretty Girls
  • Alexandra Ivy – What Are You Afraid Off
  • Karin Slaughter – Pieces Of Her
  • Jojo Moyes – Still Me
  • Gail Honeyman –  Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine

I was lucky that some of them were available to pick up on the date, I was able to get down to the library. I am limited even more now. Both legs are playing up with inflammation. These are the books I got in December 2018. And I can get out fourteen books in any one time. I read very quickly and can easily finish a book in one day. And I read them both within two days. It helped that my husband was still in Spain. Karin Slaughter was ok nothing special and I really enjoyed the David Lagercrantz that it is added to my kindle list to buy when it is reduced.


I decided to return to the library because I am getting fed up of wasting money on books that are not very good. I have so many books to read on my kindle that it has been nice to read hardback books again. It hit home with me this past year, that I have brought over 115 books but only read 32 of them, less than a third. And also some of the books series, are getting samey and I am getting bored. And feel like I have wasted my money. Now I will get them first from the library and if I like them, will buy them as kindles. Like a try before you buy. But I hope to only also buy my kindles when they are reduced, I really do not want to be paying full price for them. I am trying to make changes and live more frugally. But time will tell. These were the books I got on my next visit in December. 

library library

I dislike paperbacks, the texts are too small for me. But some books you can only get as paperbacks. I got these next books. And this was it for December 2018. 

Getting these books out of the library has saved me a lot of money this money. Better for me to spend on books that I actually love and want to read again and again. So I am going to continue to use my local library. And that covers two of my goals, save money and read more.

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