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These is update on my goals from last year. Read on if I fail or exceeded on them.

Organised At Home

This I have started but I think it is going to be a bigger job that I want to get a handle on. I have so much that I want to get organised at home. And have already declutter our wardrobes, drawers. I have started in nearly every room, and now just want to get Christmas and winter out of the way and start on my loft too. It will be such a big job, I am aiming to sort a box every two weeks. We had a town house filled with items, that a lot of them are still up in the loft after we finished renovation our current home. We always said that we would sort this out and now I aim too. The only thing I have failed at is returning to work. That is because my health is still bad. And depending on my new medication and my wisdom tooth extraction next year will see how this goes.  This is a list of what I aim to do at home. So this is an in between, not a accomplished or failed goal.



This I failed at big time. I thought by the autumn, by health would be better. But it was worse and having two long haul trips to Asia and South America. As amazing as they were, they both showed me that I can not do touring holidays again. Not until my medication is right and I do now have a broken wisdom. Both things were horrible to deal with at the same time.

Self Care

This I started well but this is also a fail. I have been trying to eat and shop better. These are some of the foods I have been eating. I have tried to incorporate more fish into my diet. My husband can not stand fish, which is funny considering we both grown up in a seaside town. I am fan of Salmon, Sea Bass and Tuna so far. So if I go out for lunch or dinner, I will always look at the fish option first. This meal at Loch Fyne was my favourite fish dish and one I have repeated it. I tried to make it at home and that did not go well.


Fruit is another new addition. I eat either a blueberries, strawberries and raspberries medley like this or melon and gala apples.


I recently tried sushi which was ok. But not something I would like on a regular basis.


And I recently tried an endamene bean salad which surprised me as I really enjoyed it.


But in the summer my health took a downward turn. I have lots of test and I found I have a few food intolerance’s.  Please see this post. And I then had to try Wheat Free Food. Wheat flour is in a lot of food, and it meant I had to go gluten free. When I went shopping, I would find lots of sweet things. I have had not many cakes or biscuits for such a long time. And I now find myself eating them. So this year has not gone to plan. I am trying to find healthy lunch and snacks to eat. Fruit is getting boring. So looking up new recipes for my smoothies. My mum introduced me Metcalfe’s  Skinny Popcorn. She likes the sweet and salt, I was not a fan. But did try the cinema sweet and was so pleased that they taste exactly what you get at the movies.  And my local Sainbury’s stocks them in multi bags.


But I can not exercise as I am still using a crutch and now my other leg is playing up. I did not pain my nails much. And with my bad health in the later months of last year. It just got me down. I really need to work on this next year.


I did read a lot of books last year. I brought over a hundred books from Amazon last year and only read a third. So I am going to save up all my vouchers and only buy those books that are reduced or are my favourite authors. I managed to get over a third of them free last year and I hope while I wait for my health to improve to do the same. And did have a declutter of a lot of my book series. I donated some many books to the local charity box in my supermarket every week. And they were all gone by my next visit the following week. I look after my books so they look brand new. I have tried to sell them online, but nobody wants them and I just wanted them gone. I need things to removed out of my house as soon as I have decided to donate them.

So there we go, a mix bag, I think I probably failed most of them. But it is a start on my journey to improve my life including my home.

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