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My mum and I took advantage of the Bank Holiday sale and got flights to Rome, Italy for less than £40 return. This was her first visit and we had amazing weather. During our time in Rome, we did a little sightseeing. I could only manage either a morning or an afternoon. I spend the rest of the time sleeping due to my condition. Still not got this under control yet and still not on the right medication yet either. We went to the Trevi Fountain first and what surprised me was the amount of people there, it was very very busy !

Then onto the Spanish steps, again very busy !

This is the Supreme Court and this took my eye as it is a beautiful building.

The next day, we went on the Metro to see the Colosseum 

Then next morning, wallking past the Castel Sant’Angelo and across the St Angelo Bridge.

We started exploring through the streets of Rome.

We found Piazza Navona, another beautiful spot.

And then came to the Pantheon, which was somewhere that I wanted to visit and it do not disappoint me. It was amazing and beautiful !

Then we came across ‘the typewriter’ by locals & Palazzo Venezia.

The churches we came across were many and such beautiful architecture.

And then the Roman ruins found.

I do hope to one day to return to Rome, I hope to spend some time at the Roman Forum. It was nice to return and spend more time here.

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