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I travel through Kings Cross, St Pancras, Euston stations at least once or twice a year. And I would suggest actually instead of just travelling through just pop outside. See the views that I see and I just love them. First we have Kings Cross station.

kings cross

kings cross
kings cross

And the rear of Kings Cross, we have Granary Square – in the summer is a lovely spot and is packed with people.

kings cross

And where I found The Word On The Water, the London Book Bookbarge.

kings cross

kings cross

Next door to Kings Cross, is St Pancras Station

One of my favourite stations in the world. And the gateway to Europe. The Eurostar is down these stairs. You can travel to both, France and Belgium and I have heard The Netherlands may be next.

And next door is the British Library which I still have not got to yet but I will !

Can you see why I love exploring these areas in London. There is so much to find and this is definitely one of my favourite.

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