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The Blue Lagoon in Iceland  has been on my bucket list for years. And this is also one of the twenty five wonders of the world according to the National Geographic.




I had booked the Premium ticket which included a robe, slippers, towel, skin care pack and a lunch reservation at the Lava restaurant, with sparking wine at lunch. And as it was a special birthday for my husband, we made a day of it. We were picked up from our hotel and taken to the bus station to change on to a packed coach. Then a forty five minute journey later we were at the Lagoon.  Then we were checked in and given our wristbands, that you wear and charge everything to it. Except, as I am small, mine did not fit around my wrist properly. We were then spilt up as male and female changing rooms.  You have to shower before you get in the Lagoon, and I also have to cover my hair with conditioner. As my friends who have visited before all told me, not to get my hair wet !


After leaving the changing room, it was so cold and I decided then, that we would not be experiencing any other cold weather holidays. But as soon as I was in the water, I loved it. We spent hours in the Lagoon, moving to the steam rooms, the sauna. This was my most favourite place in Iceland !



We even had the most delicious lunch at the Lava restaurant there in our bath robes. This felt very strange, but eventually we were not the only ones.


You can see why the Blue Lagoon is one the most visited attractions in Iceland. I loved this place so much. This is somewhere everyone should visit a least once !

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