Once we arrived in Segovia, we decided to go for lunch straight away. We were dropped off at the ancient aqueduct, a Roman structure that measures 15km in length. We thought about climbing up the stairs but decided not to. The aqueduct is an Unesco World Heritage site.

We did see a Macdonalds and a Burger King to the left of the above picture which in hindsight we should have gone too. We ended up wasting an hour at a Spanish restaurant that cost over 30 Euros that tasted horrible and I never finished it. I had to get pain relief from a pharmacy here as it really upset my stomach. Anyway, we walked through the walkways in this beautiful place in sunshine.

We noticed countless churches, too many to name and show. Until we came to the Plaza Mayor.

And then came across the Segovia cathedral. And it looked so beautiful. I would have loved to go inside. But we were not allowed and we were on  a time restriction.

We continued our walk up towards the El Alcazar, one of the most distinctive palace-fortresses in Spain, another Unesco World Heritage sites.

I told my husband that it reminded me of Hogwarts. We toured the lower grounds and saw the Alcazar Gardens but did not have enough time to go up the tower.

We had a lovely visit to Segovia. I would love to visit again and spend more time here. As this tour felt a little rushed. In the sun, it is really lovely place to spend time.

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