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Intolerance test 2023 was needed for me.

Check My Body Health was the company I used to be tested for over 850 items in 2023.  Its been five years since I did a previous intolerance test. That was I was tested for 300 items, and this one looked better for me. Since last autumn/winter on 2022, I have been  suffering with more stomach/bowel issues. In November I had an endoscopy, which is pretty horrific especially when you are not put to sleep.

Then I had a follow up CT scan of the whole body in early January

Before I got a letter in February stated that no cancer was found and I was discharged from the cancer pathway. There was nothing sinister found in my colon, even after biolysis removed.

But I was still having issues, so I thought in June, enough was enough. Back at the doctor and he thinks I could have another autoimmune condition. And I found this company Food Intolerance & Allergy Testing – Check My Body Health

2023 Results

Food Sensitives

Non Food Sensitives

Metal Sensitivities

intolerance test 2023

Mineral And Other Nutrient Overview

intolerance test 2023

Vitamins A-K Overview

intolerance test 2023

Gut Health Overview

intolerance test 2023

Additives Overview

intolerance test 2023

intolerance test 2023

Digestion Overview

intolerance test 2023

This intolerance test 2023  is so fascinating, and I have now checked all the current food. I would say half I will have to eliminate now and make a lot of things from scratch. But that’s life.

If you have health issues and the NHS will only do so much for you. I would recommend you to try this, you never know what you will find out. It can only help you, help yourself. You need to look after yourself as no one else will. This information was just a few strands of my hair that my husband cut for me. Its painless and will hopefully help me get myself better.

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