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October, November and December 2023, what I got up to. And it was mostly bad with multiple health issues.


I finally got around to start sorting out our utility room. This holds our washing machine, microwave and is where a lot of cat things are. His lordship went to Spain with his friends and I could empty and clean it all.  Then work out what I wanted to keep, declutter or throw away. Four bags for charity and two bags of rubbish. Then the day he flew home, I had a covid injection.

But two days after, I had such a bad pain on my right side. Pain that work me up in the night, I lasted a day and that evening I phoned 111 and they told me to go to A&E. Was in hospital there for five nights, and I found out that I had shingles.

When I was discharged, I had a letter for my capsule endoscopy booked. But I was not well to go. I have called them, and told them that I had shingles. She said, that it was not a good idea to come in. So now waiting for another one. Which means still eating gluten. Suffered with shingles this for the rest of the month.


Still suffering with this horrible disease. But my the second week, I started to get better, five weeks later. Starting going out for shopping. I really hate getting online food deliveries. We have found that we like only a few products from lots of different supermarkets. Bad sleep since singles continued all month. Then at the end of the month, my capsule endoscopy came through. That happened at the end of the month. Was told that 75,000 pictures taken and it will take a minimum of fourteen days to get the results. Now just have to wait.



Weather turned so cold this month.  Nerve pain finally passed and I was get longer nights sleep which my body needs. Husband went to Spain with his friends for another motorbike event. Saw my best friend for lunch and lovely to see him. Not bothered about Christmas, and we spent it at home as was so ill. Did get some lovely gifts from my family and friends.

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