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Decluttering in my home and what has worked for me. This is an ongoing challenge in my life. With rheumatoid arthritis, you have such low energy and fatigue. What has worked is a small area at a time. It does take a lot out of me, and have started this in 2021.


Less clothes and less wardrobes. Living out of one wardrobe has worked so well for me. I think instead of three wardrobes, two in my bedroom and one in the spare bedroom. I will only have out, the clothes I wear. So a clothes rail will be used. The clothes will change each season. If I do not wear it, then it will passed onto charity. I used to have a work wardrobe and a leisure one. I had a clear out of the work wear, as ill health meant I could not work anymore. The third wardrobe has winter coats. That I still need to have a good look at. I do not need to have so many. I also just need to rotate coats and jackets from the downstairs coat storage. This will be easier to manage. Shoes and boots were also sorted out. Any healed boots I can not wear anymore. I have kept a couple and will see how I get on. I have a lot of high heeled shoes to sell or pass to charity next spring.

Decluttering DeclutteringDecluttering Decluttering


I felt I was pretty ruthless in my kitchen. I gradually went through every cupboard and got rid of so much.

Then my food pantry. By changing what I eat, I now do not buy many packets of things. I go to a refill shop in Chelmsford to get what I need. Less packaging, better products.

Decluttering is working so well for me. Now a huge project that will take months – our loft.


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