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Travelling has brought me some amazing experiences. My first one that comes to mind is when I was 17 years old, I decided to visit my friend in Cork. This was my first independent travel and I am thankful that my parents did not mind that I was going to do this. I was even lucky that while I was there we got tickets to see U2 play in Dublin. And we were in the pit and so close to Bono that you would not believe it. That was for me an amazing solo trip that I look back on and just can not believe that I did that.

Bono 1992

Then amazing experiences happened much later on. Silly little things that I had set myself from a young age. I always wanted to visit Cadbury’s World in Birmingham and this was a hit and miss trip. Loved the factory but it was so short and I feel that Cadbury’s could have done so much more for visitors to this iconic place.


Back in 2007, I read online that a zoo in Norfolk had some cheetah cubs and that was an easy decision. We took a day off work to visit them and they were adorable !

cheetah cub

cheetah cub

Another one that comes to mind was the Bone Chapel in the Czech Republic. This was a fascinating site and to think that it contains the bones of up to 40,000 people.

bone chapel prague

I also spent New Years Eve in Sydney, Australia in 2010. This was a bucket list experience but strange as the same time. It was over thirty five degrees on Christmas Day – I have never been that warm at Christmas ever !


And I have loved cats for years. They are my favourite animal. And I have been in cages with both Lions in Mauritius and Tigers in Thailand. I still can not believe that I have done this and only have the cheetahs to do !


And something else that was amazing. I saw Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall. The Hall is transformed into a magical lake for this unrivalled dance event from the English National Ballet. From the lakeside seats to the top of the Hall, this in-the-round production of the world’s favourite ballet combines sensational spectacle, compelling drama and touching intimacy. With 60 swans, stunning costumes and sensational lighting, this spectacular production will captivate and enthral you. This was so beautiful and unforgettable. One that should not be missed. It is performed at the Hall every two/three years – so get a ticket !


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is only open to the public on a Open House weekend in London. I spent an hour waiting to visit and then another hour inside and I just loved it. It was so beautiful and you literally walked from one amazing room to another. There is so much history which I personally loved !


And another one that comes to mind is Vazquez Rocks. This iconic site has been used in television, movies and videos. And it was a great place to visit in California. It is not like anything else that I have every seen before.


And lately China, what can I say, I just fell in love with this country. Everywhere I went, it was just amazing and beautiful. I would recommend everyone to visit this country at least once. I am already planning another trip but not for a long time. There is so many places that I would love to visit first.

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