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This started with the flu that lasted for over twenty days. So much for my new years resolution to stay healthy. I did introduced some younger members of my family to Hogwarts In The Snow. But this when I was ill and it was a mistake to go. I went to Liz Earle in Sloane Square to have a facial and then lunch at Madison at St Pauls, not somewhere I would return too.  And at the very end of the month, we went to Centre Parcs for the first time. Somewhere else, where I would not return to at all.



This was my annual two weeks holiday where we went to Mauritius for the first time. And we had a mixed bag of weather. Our time in Port Louis we had monsoon rain and our excursions were cancelled. But then days later, we had glorious sun and I even got to go in a cage with lions. Cats are my favourite animals and this was a bucket list item for me and I was scared but loved it at the same time.



I had one day in London during this month. But I did get a lot in. I went to Sky Garden, lunch at GBK at St Paul’s and then the afternoon in Greenwich, which I would really enjoyed. I would live there,  if I had the money. I would recommend anyone to visit Greenwich !



This was really busy. I went to Bath, Cardiff and Valencia. And I loved it all. Bath was beautiful with the history. Cardiff was my first trip to Wales and I can not wait to explore more. Valencia was warm, sunny and just what I needed. My last trip to Spain was in 1999 and I remember why I love this country. I am hoping to go back and explore more cities in Spain next year.



I did not do much travel this month. Mainly due to my tendonitis treatment starting that left me not being able to move my left hand and arm much at all. I was signed off from work for about most of the month.  At the very end of the month, over the bank holiday,  I did spend three days in Copenhagen, Denmark. We were lucky to have sunny weather and really enjoyed our time here.



This was booked up every weekend with events from day trips to Kew Gardens, Open Garden visiting Temple Gardens which was amazing. My unique stay was in Rye in the most gorgeous windmill.



This was more of a foodie month instead of a travel one. This was fine for me but I was more than disappointed with the British summer ! I went to the Oxo Tower for a blogger meet up and had the most delicous food. I even tried neck of lamb for the first time. I found Patisserie Valerie which has the most tasty deserts. And then a lovely lunch and catch up with friends in Cote Brasserie’s new restaurant in Chelmsford. Yet again I was so impressed with their food.



This was my birthday month and for a special birthday I spent it at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel – my most favourite hotel in the world EVER !  And it was perfect. And also got to see the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre – AMAZING ! Loved this month so much !



This was mostly spent at work with only a couple of days in the city. One to meet my friend and try Vietnamese food for the first time. And the second for Open City London. This time exploring Westminster and it was amazing. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office was the highlight for me.



The highlight of this month was New York. My second time visiting and seeing so much. Falling in love with Central Park and The Boathouse. Really enjoyed my time here. And I had an amazing lunch at Chelmsford’s new restaurant Bourgee.



Well this was a quiet month at home with husband. We had a lot of new restaurants opening up close to where we live. So we started going to review them. Then a couple of days in London and finally visiting the Cafe in the Crypt with my friend. And overcoming my fears and trying the Emirates Cable Car for the first time !



This month was mainly filled with food. Christmas meals with three courses each time. I have never ate so much food.  I had a couple of days in London seeing the Christmas sights and then spent the remaining time at home with family.

So that was my year and it was amazing for me. Lots of trips planned for 2017 that I am still working on. But until then thank you to everyone that reads my blog. Happy New Year to you all

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