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This is all about the technology that I always travel with. It did surprise me how many things that I take away with me.


Firstly, my Kindle. I read on every holiday that I take. Whether it is on the plane, boat, or train out, I can always be found reading. I remember that years ago we would pack my husband suitcase with ten to twelve paperbacks for a two week trip. I could not carry that weight and now with my Kindle I take over seven hundred books with me. My latest find is the late author Vince Flynn and his character Mitch Rapp. I mistakenly began with American Assassin which was book ten out of fifteen. But thankfully this book introduced Mitch Rapp and how and why he became a covert CIA assassin. I literally read all this series to date over a two week period. They are such a good read. The Kindle is a god send for me. I would recommend to anyone. And this my absolute essential for any trip that I take !


My pc, this is a two in one, a tablet with a keyboard. Making this useful for making notes on what I got up during the day. And the tablet side is perfect for my arthritis fingers and so far this works well for me.

In this beautiful case, I just love this colour.


My camera is the Panasonic Lumix, this is another good piece for me. We brought it back in 2014. We are still pleased with the photos we get. I like the ease of use and the settings that allow pictures through glass and the night shots that we get. In addition to the camera and camera case. I always take an extra memory card just in case something happens. You do not want to lose your photos. And we take the camera tripod. It is only a small one that works for us.

Bits And Pieces

And this Amazon Basics charger is a god send as well. This charges my camera, my phone – anything that needs a USB charge. And I love it.

I always take my fitbit with me. This is to monitored my sleep and keep track on my steps

Drone Question

We are now undecided about getting a drone. This is the one we are questioning ourselves whether to get one or not. It is DJI Mavic Air one.

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