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Things I would tell my younger self. I do believe that you can not look back without some regret of times and money that you have wasted but you have to look forward. But given the opportunity I would go back and tell my younger self some home truths. And these are them;

  • Do not waste so much money on items that are essentially rubbish. You really do not need them and put them money towards travels

  • Travel, you have the opportunity to visit some many places and have some amazing experiences

  • Over pay on your mortgage as soon as the interest rates drop

  • Stop going to the same country – over a ten year period, we kept going back to the USA. Maybe combine with the Caribbean a few times ?

  • Do not buy that house, wait and see if something suits you both instead of just one of you. That I think is one of your biggest mistakes. It is too big and your marriage will strain over this and it is not worth it

So there we go, that is why I am trying (health permitting) to see and visit as many countries that I am able to. There is so much in this world that I would love to experience and that is what I hope to achieve !

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