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Well this year, I am not planning any trips long haul. This is the first time in forever, that I have not gone long haul. But we are trying to pay our mortgage off ! The longest flight I will take this year will be four and a half hours. And it looks like we will be spending less money by concentrating on European countries. I have read lots of blogs last year, that all say the same thing – transport go budget – hotel – go luxury. And it also means that I get to do a little more travel than I normally do !


I always use for flights. But the price option is not the first thing I look for. I made the mistake last year, going by price and that left me coming home in the early hours and then starting at work at 8am the same day. So the return flight times was very important to me as was the price.

So the airlines I will be using this year are;




I also used and to research my hotels. I also use Welcome Rewards, which gives you one free night in a hotel for every ten you pay for. So if you travel like I do, you get a night in a hotel of YOUR chosing for free. I really like this idea ! I also will always pick something like a boutique hotel.  I also like to be close to the city centre, as  I like be able to go any where,  whenever I want to and not have to rely on public transport.


I also use frequent flyer programes, like the British Airway Executive Club. I use my credit card and convert them into British Airways Executive Miles, I have used some of my flights this year to Amsterdam and Belfast.


And I am also a fan of the ‘free’ walking tours that I first experienced in Prague. So I have researched and found them in Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest, Amsterdam and Sofia. Mind you they are not free as you always should tip. They are a great introduction to any city and I would recommend them to anyone.


This year, is the first time that we are going completely independent. I am not sure how it is going to pan out. Time will tell.

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