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I love luxury holidays now and then – who would not. But I am not a fan of the high prices that come with them. Some of my favourite holidays have been with the travel company Kuoni. We have been to The Maldives, UAE, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia and Mauritius with them. But they are expensive.

But every week, they offer a deal of the week – which in my opinion is very very good. And if you are organised, you can get the time of work like I have done and paid the deposit. Knowing that you will have an amazing holiday later on. These are some of the deals that I have seen so far this year, that I would have booked if I had unlimited time of work. I am only showing trips that I would book. As I have already been to The Maldives and Mauritius, I will not post these. But I have seen then and recommended them to my friends who have said they want to go there.

January I saw this  Sri Lanka – a saving of £1360 per couple.

February I found this trip to Barbados, saving £3322 per couple.

In April, I found this deal on my tweetdeck feed. I have not booked with Ice Lolly yet but this was very tempting

In May I found this trip to Zanzibar and I so would love to visit there !

And this one to Bali

This one to Antigua in October

This one just last week, this would be amazing and that saving !

And if money were no object, I would use them for every long haul holiday.

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