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Ancestry DNA is something I have been interested in for such a long time.  I have previously researched my family tree back until the 1800’s. But I wanted to do my DNA testing. But I always kept putting it off. So one day I decided to order this. I paid £59.99 and waited for it to arrive. This is what came. I do know on my dad’s side that there is an Irish connection. So I do expect to find this.

You are sent this and have to spit into the tube up to the level. Then you mix and shake it and send it off in the sealed prepaid envelope. And then you wait for the email stating your DNA results are in.


So I got my dna results back quite quickly roughly about three weeks and they had said it could be six to eight weeks. And the Irish connection did not surprise me. But the Europe West; Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and the Scandinavia; Sweden, Norway, Denmark did. But there you go. There is not much more to say except I did get some ancestry hints. One of them was my sister in Australia and that was not a surprise as ‘immediate family’. But I also have over 120 3rd and 4th cousins but I am not interested in looking into that. I have already researched my own family tree as far back as I wanted to go and I had just wanted to see what made me up. And I can hand on heart say that I am glad that I did this. If you want to look at your dna – this is the website –

Updated DNA technology meant that I got more information of my ancestry. This was January 2019 results

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