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I am a prolific reader and I love books whether they are hardback, paperback or kindles. I am going to start to tell you what I have been reading. This has been another personal goal of mine, to get back to reading.

Books Read from February to April

Lee Child The Midnight Line

Who does not love Jack Reacher books. I did not get into Lee Child until 2011 a good thirteen years are the first one was out. And I just fell in love with Jack Reacher. I then went out to devour the rest of the series. I had this hardback on my bedside table for a while. Since April 2017 but my ill health made reading something I did not want to do. But this year, I am back to reading and this was the first one !

sharon bolton

This author Sharon Bolton I can not recommend her enough, she writes such a well spun thriller. I will always buy her books as soon as they come out. They are one my favourites !

A glamorous cruise on a luxurious ocean liner turns deadly… I have been reading most of these authors for years. I did enjoy this, and it has not put me off a transatlantic cruise !

A series is about a Cleaner in the USA. A Cleaner who disposes of bodies. This is book 8 in an ongoing series. I did enjoy this and have another three on my kindle to read.

This has been on my bedside table for a long time. I first picked up a paperback from this author in the USA and I just enjoyed this series. I have struggled to find this author in the UK for such a long time. This was finally finished  – Washington, D.C., fixer Joe DeMarco has been asked to handle a lot of difficult situations over the years for his boss, congressman John Mahoney. But nothing has ever been quite so politically sensitive, or has hit so close to home, as the task Mahoney hands DeMarco in House Odds. This is another four stories in this series but the next book is still not available here as a kindle format and I not going to buy another lot of hardbacks when I do have a lot still to read.

Another murder/thriller series, and I got this for nothing, it had helped that firstly it was a kindle daily deal for 99p and I still had some money left over from my gift vouchers. Casey Carter was convicted of murdering her fiance fifteen years ago. But Casey claims – has always claimed – she’s innocent. And although she was charged and served out her sentence in prison, she is still living ‘under suspicion’. Now after starting this, I thought I have read this before. And I had, I had taken it out from the library. It is funny, that my brain remembers but I did not.

This book I have had since 2016, this is another series I am reading. And there is another three books to add to my list. Another thriller series which I do like.

Another book I have had a long time. Again, another thriller that I do enjoy. This I had since 2011 and I am glad that I have finally read this.

Book nine of the Jonathan Quinn, the cleaner series. This one was slightly different than the usual ones from this series. But I did like it.

start with your sock drawer

I am trying to have a clear out and this was very useful. Called Start With Your Sock Drawer by Vicky Silverthorn. It is a practical guide to living with less clutter. It has helped me make a start.

every breath you take

I then started another one of the ‘Under Suspicion’ series. I do enjoy this mystery/thriller books. And now I am up to date with that series. Thankfully !

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  • Reply kerry 11th June 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Ohhh lots of these books look right up my street. I think we have similar taste in books! I was just writing my monthly book round up at the weekend and I think someone could mistakenly think I was plotting the perfect murder the amount of thrillers I read! I will certainly look out for some of these to add to my reading list x

    • Reply traveladdictuk 11th June 2018 at 5:50 pm

      Me too, I know the perfect way to kill someone – I love this books !

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