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My husband had mentioned that he wanted to visit Bioparc. The park consists of immersing visitors into the animals habitat and not vice versa. This is achieved by not using the traditional railings and cages that are common in many zoos, using instead rivers, ponds, streams and rocks to separate visitors from the animals. I was interested in how they would achieve this. We arrived at 4pm, as I knew that it was open until 8pm. And I did notice that a few school groups were leaving, so that was a plus for me. The park is located in the Turia riverbed which is quite unique and you have to cross a bridge after you have paid your entrance fee.



The park is over twenty five acres but it really did not feel like it. In Madagascar, we found lots of different species of lemurs. We were lucky to enter the Lemurs habitat and found this cute mother and baby.



In the African savannah, we found zebras, impalas, blesbok, marabou storks, cranes, giraffes, lions, striped mongooses, exotic birds, African elephants, white rhinoceroses,  as well as the subterranean life that exists in anteaters dens and African termite nests. Species that I had never seen before. And in addition, at the time of day we went, they were sleeping.




In equatorial Africa, the primates are the main attractions; gorillas, mangabeys, monkeys, herds of bongos, forest buffalos, red river hogs, leopards, chimpanzees, drills, talapoins, pygmy hippopotamuses and sitatunga antelopes.





This was such a lovely park and I also read that they are looking to expand and I would love to go back and see what else they add. I really enjoyed my time here and would recommend this to anyone visiting Valencia.

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