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South America is a dream destination for me. So with my redundancy payment, we had always planned to take a year out travelling around the world. But real life does not always go to plan and meant that it could not happen at this time. And I decided that instead of putting off going to my wanderlust places anymore, I was going to do my best to prioritise them. You only live once. We are going to South America for the first time and I am so excited. Our trip this year is to Brazil and Argentina. Which I am so excited about ! We were booked to go to Brazil in 2004, but never got there as the travel company went into liquidation. And we always said, we would go but never got around to it. We first fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina, I am so looking forward to trying an Argentina Steak Dinner as they are meant to be amazing !

Then onto Iguazú Falls, another bucket list for me !

And lastly fly into Rio De Janiero.

This is a dream trip for me. It is a pity that we can not do the around the world trip but that is life. I am over the moon, that we get to do this and I can not wait to show you everything I see – it is going to be amazing !

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