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Bistrot Chez Remy was a bucket list for me. When are you ever going to eat in such a unique place. I have been wanting to visit this place since it opened. It is certainly so adorable ! I would advise to book in advance, like we did. I phoned the Disney reservations two months before our visit. It was very easy. Our day of booking, we arrived about ninety minutes early and asked if we could be sat early. They agreed and asked us to wait for our table. While we were sitting, lots of people can in and asked for a table. They were all told, they were booked up for the whole week. So if you want a special restaurant in Disneyland Paris, then please book your table. But we were shown our seat, the restaurant was not even busy. It was strange that they had turned away so many people.

We picked the Emile menu as I wanted to try the Chocolate Mousse. Having a French uncle, I have had French Chocolate Mousse before and I know that it is delicious !

The Food

We were served with bread first.

Then sweet potato or pumpkin soup – I can not remember.

Then grilled steak, ratatouille and french fries. The steak was average and was either very tough, or my knife was blunt. I did not enjoy this much at all.

The chocolate mousse was delicious and was the best thing of the entire meal.

Bistrot Chez Remy was an amazing place to be in. The food could have been better. Would I recommend, I do not know if I would. They do offer fillet steak, so that might have been a better option. For me I loved being in the restaurant. It was worth it for me for that.

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