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This is my travel experiences wish list. Experiences I would love if I am lucky and well enough to get the chance.

An Around The World Trip 

But I am not sure if this will ever happen. Due to my illness and if my body could actually manage to survive this. The other question is do we fly or cruise around the world. We could do both, cruise from Southampton to Sydney and then fly the rest of the way home. I am very conflicted to what to do. But at least I do not have to make the decision yet. Something in our future !

An Transatlantic Cruise

I would to experience this just once. I have found a cruise I am thinking of booking but we will see. Can I deal with on a cruise ship, with just the sea in view – who knows ? I just know this was the way people used to travel and I would like to experience the UK to US on the boat for six to seven days straight.  Mind you a cruise ship would be a much better way to do this than they used too.

The Igloo Stay

This would be amazing but the cold would not work with my joints. So who knows if I could manage this at all ! Maybe one day, the only other problem is the cost. It is the same cost for three nights here for two weeks in South East Asia.

The Trans Siberian Train

This would be so much fun. Returning to Beijing and then ending in Moscow, two amazing cities. Hope this happens !

A Clipper Cruise 

Just look at that ship. Can you imagine sailing around in this. I found a cruise this year taking all the sights in Italy and Croatia that I still would like to visit, but it was sold out. So I have bookmarked this for next year if I can persuaded either my husband or mother to join me, this would be amazing !

A River Cruise

Again, another cruise, but a different type of boat. I found a couple of trips this year, that I look the idea of. My travel agent said they are mainly filled with older passengers and it is very slow and said that I should do this later in my life. So again another bookmarked trip. The idea of dinner with four courses sounds amazing !

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