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Changes I have made to my lifestyle. Watching Drowning In Plastics and Fashions Dirty Secret and many other documentaries have opened my eyes. We already recycle a lot every fortnight. We already use recyclable bags for food shopping.

I have started to use washable bamboo cotton pads in my daily routine. And will not buy the cotton throw away ones again.

changes lifestyle

I am also replacing my plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones.

changes lifestyle

And I have a two steel water bottles and now I have steel straws

changes lifestyle

changes lifestyle

I aim to use eco-friendly, pet friendly cleaning products in my home. I have been trialling some Method ones and I have been impressed with them. I also want all products I buy in the future to be biodegradable so that I clean without flushing super toxic chemicals down the drain into our rivers, lakes and oceans. And be able to recycle the empty bottles when finished.

changes lifestyle

I am checking all ingredients and now do most of my shopping at Iceland. Knowing that their own products are free from palm oil.

The only thing I am on the fence about is my travelling. I know flying around the world is bad for the environment. But it is my passion. So do you live your dreams or watch other people living theirs. I have thought long and hard about where I would like to travel too and I have made changes to my list. So these are my little changes, let me know what your changes are !

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