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Malaga in Spain. I never knew how big this was. I arrived on a very late delayed flight and the airport was one of the biggest that I had been too since Dubai back in 2012. After leaving the airport and meeting my husband, he had been out there for a motorbike event. We arrived at our free apartment in El Faro, Andulacia. This is a mere half hour away from Malaga. Our apartment was a three bedroom and gave us a taste of how living in one in Spain would be like. And I did prefer this to a hotel stay. I am thinking of airbnb’s for future stays abroad now.

malaga malaga malagamalaga

We only spent one day in Malaga. and only saw a couple of things. I think that I would maybe return during warmer period to experience and explore further. We parked close to the Alcazaba, But came across a roman theatre first.


Then the cathedral. It was very chilly this time in Spain. Last year, we had sun and were in our t-shirts. This time, we were in our winter coats.

malaga malaga

We walked through Paseo de Parque.


Then we went to the Alcazaba, and saw the view from the top of the fortress. There is so many apartments here. I was so surprised how many there was.

malaga malaga malaga malaga

Before I was getting too cold and exhausted, we decided some lunch and then drove back to our apartment in El Faro. With my condition, I can not explore like I used too. Walking around with two crutches is painful and this trip really brought this into my thoughts. Malaga was interesting to visit for the first time. I hope one day to return and see more sights that this huge city has to offer.

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