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So on a recent day out in London, I decided to use up some Tesco Vouchers and buy vouchers for two Imperial War Museums. My mum and I visited HMS Belfast and Churchill War Rooms. Now as we arrived at the ship, I remember asking my mum, is this going to be like the ‘Interpid’ – the Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York. And I was still unwell with everything I have been dealing with lately and a little bit worried how I would cope with the day planned.

So we arrived, and I was surprised to find so much. There are eight levels, but the bottom three decks are the Engine and Boiler room.  Now I forget it was War Ship but they make its very obvious, when the first thing you see is this. I have never seen anything like this and was like wow ! And it is very big.

So I really like that they show you what life is like on board. And there is so many things to find. This was the one thing that I did not think I would find. But I had never given it much thought though !

Now this is what we found ourselves doing – up and  down ladders. So a little bit of advice, wear sensible shorts and your feet will thank you !

And this is the view from the Admirals seat.

After a spot of lunch, we made our war to Churchill’s War Room, found close to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office that we had visited last year during Open City. The cabinet war rooms were a secret bunker for the British government during the Second World War. For me, it felt very claustrophobic. And although it nice to experience another piece of British history, I just wanted to get out as quickly as possible.

But I was a big fan of the Map Room !

And this is King Charles Street, where on the right is The Treasury and the left The Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It is a the bottom of this road where you can find the War Rooms.

It was a lovely day, but again, even just doing these two things with a sit down lunch was too much for me. I still not well but slowly getting there !

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