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So Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium was somewhere my friend and I really wanted to visit. We both love cats and we have tried to get booked in here for ages. It was very hard to get a booking. We arrived at 12.15 pm and were told to return at 12.30 pm which our booking was for.  I do think the staff could have been more pleasant and not so rude. We walked up and down Shoreditch High Street trying to waste some time. And then we arrived. I warn you now this post has a lot of pictures of the cats we saw. And they were adorable !

We had already pre-booked our tickets, we each paid £10 which was entry and a cuppa – we both picked Hot Chocolate as it was a cold but sunny day in London. And when it arrived, it looked so cute !

lady dinah

And now the cats, there were typical cats staring at you sleeping a lot. All the cats are also rescues, they do not breed or buy which is lovely. I loved meeting them and so did my friend.

lady dinah lady dinah lady dinah lady dinah lady dinah lady dinah lady dinah lady dinah

I am so pleased that we finally got to visit. This is a perfect experience if you do not already have cats like my friend. You are not encourage to stroke or touch them. Only if the cat comes to you. Anyone who already has a cat knows exactly what I mean. If you are a fan of cats, you will love it here at Lady Dinah Cat Emporium.

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