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Grange Tower Bridge was booked as I needed a nights stay and I just loved my previous experiences in four other Grange properties. However, this did not live upto expectations. I booked a room with a view, I was given room 434 with a view of a brick wall.

Not good enough for me. But this was when things went down hill. I started to feel unwell and went to have a shower. No dressing gowns to use when I was finished. The room was cold, and even after turning the air conditioning off I could not shake the cold feeling. I ended up sleeping with two towels onto of me and I did not feel well at all. I woke up at 4am shivering and feeling dizzy and disorientated. I could not shake this feeling and at 6am I knew that I could not stay here and experience all that I had planned for the next day. I checked out, still feeling awful. The staff on the reception that morning were too busy entertaining themselves to notice a women in distress, trying to work out how she was going to get herself to Liverpool Streeet station. I had to get to Aldgate and then it was one stop to Liverpool Street station and that was a horrible experience. Very disappointed with this hotel and I am unlikely to visit them again.

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