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natural history

The Natural History Museum was replacing Dippy, when I heard that I was so disappointed. But I knew that I would take a return visit to see his replacement which was announced as a blue whale. The whale will take the place of the Diplodocus cast that has stood in Hintze Hall for 35 years. And I had forgotten how beautiful the building is.

The decision to suspend the blue whale skeleton from the ceiling of Hintze Hall is part of a larger plan to show new specimens in the space. The new displays will tell the story of our connection with the natural world through the Museum’s unique collections and research.

natural history

The blue whale was chosen to give an immediate, impactful introduction that illustrates Museum research into the rich biodiversity of Earth and a sustainable future, as well as the origins and evolution of life. And I was disappointed but there we go.

natural history

natural history

I was pleased to find that Dippy is going on tour and will visit Scotland, Northern Ireland and five regions across England until 2020. Whatever happens, Dippy will move back into the Museum in the long term. And I will return to visit him !

These are a few of the other things I saw during my brief visit.

natural history natural history natural history natural history natural history

I hope to return and explore further as I barely scratched the surface there. There is so much to see and I

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