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Harry Potter, A History Of Magic, was an exhibition held at the British Library that I was not going to miss. However, my ill health meant that I was limited to what I could actually stand around and read. And the day I visited, it was packed with people. I was only there for 15 minutes forcing myself and my crutch around the seven different areas within the space into reading rooms based on subjects taught at Hogwarts, including potions and alchemy, herbology, charms, astronomy, divination, defence against the dark arts and care of magical creatures. The book theme has been carried through to all of the rooms, with a wallpaper graphic seen throughout that uses photography of the bookshelves housed in The King’s Library in the atrium of the building. I was pleased that I got to visit this amazing exhibition and I hope to return in the New Year – health permitting of course.

All photos by Easy Tiger Creative – all photography is not allowed inside.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, this is a must and is only on until 28th February 2018. It was so lovely to see but for me to full up with people.

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