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So as it is Christmas meals time, it also means Christmas food with friends and work colleagues in Chelmsford. I firstly went to the Riverside Inn which is somewhere that I have never been to before. So this was a nice chance to experience this.

christmas meals

This is the Christmas menu for 2016, this I went with my work colleagues.

christmas meals

And then my friends wanted to go back to Back In Time. So here we were again. We have been here a lot. I am not a fan of this place but you can not like every place you go to.

This is the Christmas menu for 2016


christmas meals
This food was very nice. I hope to explore different places next year for our Christmas meals. As I just like variety. Would I return to either of these restaurants. Maybe Riverside Inn. But not Back In Time, I have been here numerous times, as this is close to my work. But I just do not like the food anymore.

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