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Essex Eats is where I have been eating lately in Chelmsford, Essex and any where else in Essex. I have either gone with my husband, friends or family.

Zen Noodle Bar

Zen Noodle Bar is one of my favourite places to eat in Chelmsford.  Zen Noodle bar is located in Duke Street, a mere five minute walk from the rail station. I went there to catch up with one of my friends. The food is amazing and you get such a great choice of Asians dishes. Great prices aswell between £8-10 per dish. We were served quickly as per normal by the friendly staff, and I will always return. I am a big fan of this restaurant.

essex eats

This is the menu

essex eats

I met my friend for lunch and I had Kon Chow Beef Ho Fun which is delicious and my favourite.

essex eats

My friend had prawn toast and the zen special noodles.

essex eats essex eats

Papermill Lock

Papermill Lock in Chelmsford was somewhere that I had wanted to visit for some time. My husband had found it on one of his many motorbike rides around the county. My mum and sister had also recently visited. My mum suggested a lunch there while I am signed off. As I can not drive or do much of anything at the moment.

essex eats

essex eats

I ordered a cheese and onion toasted sandwich which was £5.95 and this was lovely. After we had finished, we walked along the river banks.

As it is still early in the season, the boats are still covered for winter and it was lovely and quiet. For me the perfect time to visit !

My mum mentioned that she might do the hour long cruise down the river in the summer.

It is a lovely spot to visit and I was glad that I finally got to visit it !

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay, Chelmsford is some where I have been dreading. My friends had been and I was ill so I missed it. So my bestie wanted somewhere new to eat at so I suggested trying it out. I do like trying out new things and this was a new experience for me !


I am not a fan of spicy food at all. So I ordered a Street Burger with nothing in. And the server Natasha was so nice, when I asked if I could just have a plain hamburger and fries. She suggested ordering the kids one, as it is the same size and cheaper.

Strawberry daiquiris were two for one but when they came, they tasted more like watermelon.

My friend had 1/2 Jerk Chicken with jerk fries.

Although it is a lovely spot, we were both not a fan of the food and most likely not returning. But you can not like every place you go to.

A Canteen

So for my nieces fifth birthday, my family and I went to A Canteen to celebrate after having a girly nail session. A Canteen is found on New London Road in Chelmsford.

Our booking was at 12.45pm. We arrived on time and were seated promptly. Then the problems started. The service was terrible and took for ever. We were group of eight but that should not have been a problem. It took over an hour for our food to arrive. And even then one of the dishes was not even cooked properly. We saw a group of people arrive, take their seats, have their food and leave while we were waiting. It really was not good enough.

We did ask where our food was and where told that they are very busy. But that really is not good enough.

As delicious as the food was and we all agreed. We are not returning here, the service was terrible. They did take £20 off our bill as an apology. That was nice of them. There are always other places to eat in Chelmsford all the time !

Ask Italian

So another meal in another new restaurant in Chelmsford. This one is Ask Italian and my friends and I went for lunch to try it out.

It is again a lovely new building in the Bond Street shopping development. I was early and shown to my seat. We were given shots of the house lemonade. And this place got very busy at lunchtime, so that is a good sign.

And then my friends arrived and we ordered, the food arrived promtly and looked delicious !

I would recommend this place so much. The food was amazing and my friends and I are returning – we loved it !

Prezzo, Witham

On a recent visit to Prezzo in Witham, Essex, we were presently surprised with what we found. Very clean and nicely furnished. It is a very nice place to pop into for a bite to eat. And as it was lunchtime, surprising very quiet.

My husband ordered Pancetta in a carbonara sauce with crispy prosciutto and parsley.

And I ordered traditionally slow cooked beef ragu. Which was average and had a lot of oil in the bowl. Not something I have normally experienced with the dish when I have ate it before.

It was nice for lunch and I am pleased that we tried this out !

The Galvin Green Man, Little Waltham

The Galvin Green Man is an historical pub, which dates back to 1314, found in Howe Street, Great Waltham. My husband and I decided to visit and try their sunday lunch. We had booked twice and eventually our third booking, we finally got there. And I have to say I have found a new favourite, the food was amazing, the atmosphere was nice, we did book early and it was getting busy as we left. I really enjoyed my lunch here and will be returning to see what else they offer !


It was taken over and renovated by Michelin starred brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin who have said ‘We always felt Essex would benefit from some good, quality food, so we were happy to take on this project when the opportunity came up’ They have put a lot of money into redeveloping this site and it looks amazing.

It was also named in the Times’ List of best places to get a Sunday Roast, it was delicious and somewhere that I would recommend so much !


So another newly opened Bond Street development, this one is Bills. My friend and I went for dinner after work.


Bills is in the new Bond Street development. We arrived and were promptly seated. It is very nice inside but is that because it is a new building. Time will tell !


As it was a cold evening, we both ordered hot chocolate and they came with a Cadbury’s flake – which I loved !


My friend ordered the Shepherd’s pie which she thought was delicious.


And I ordered the usual of Bill’s hamburger with fries. I do like my beef !


This was really nice and I know that we will be back !

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