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Cornwall sights from June 2022. This was the second part of this road trip in the UK.


This was picked by my mum. I think she may have visited this place in her past. Very picturesque and charming. It really is a postcard place. This is what you except when you come to Cornwall.

The Eden Project

Another bucket list place for in Cornwall was the Eden Project. But it was such a let down from me as a disabled person. It is not very friendly if you need things like a crutch, a wheelchair. Do not visit, if you need this things.

Chapel Guesthouse – St Austell

This chapel guesthouse in St Austell was amazing.  It was not cheap but we both were so impressed with the bedroom, breakfasts, and building. I would recommend this place.


The main town in Cornwall. We pop in, to do a little shopping. It was a bit run down, and was not somewhere I would return too.

Pendennis Castle

An unexpected visit, this year we were members of English Heritage and we got entry with our cards. This was such an interesting place. It was a fort and military hospital. I do like historical places.

The Mouse Hole

Another lovely place and very similar to other villages and fishing ports in Cornwall.

Minack Theatre

Another bucket list places, I just wished that I was not disabled now and not able to get down lower than I did.

Lands End

Another bucket list. My mum had visited this when she was a child and was so surprised how much it had been developed.


This was where we stayed in Cornwall. It really felt to me, that most areas in Cornwall have been left behind. Which is such a pity.


We were unlucky that the good weather turned for us. You can see that it was started to have rain and very windy when we got to the beach of Perrenporth. My mum had told me, that this was the same as she had seen previously.


This was where we stayed but not somewhere I would recommend. The beaches are beautiful but the town is so run down and I did not feel safe or liked it.

Port Issac

This was my mums choice and it was so busy with people of her age. This is the filming site for Doctor Martin. I have never seen it and as I was taking photos, I was constantly asked if various building were things from the show. I just told them, that I did not know,  I have never seen the show.

Tintagel Castle

Another bucket list for me in Cornwall. It was so windy walking around this historical site. I really enjoyed visiting Cornwall. Other an a few places that we could not get to due to bad weather. I am glad I went on this trip. I visited two more counties that I had not been too before.



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