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On our last day in Romania I booked a tour to visit Bran Castle. First we were taken to Peles Castle, where the guide realised that we could not tour this, as it was closed. It closes on a Monday. But we did get to see the outside.


Peles Castle, erected between 1873 and 1914, has been the summer residence of the Romanian Royal family and it is the most visited museum in Romania.We then drove on to Rasnov to visit the fortress. Now that is where we encountered problems, as the route the guide took us down, was being renovated. And he drove straight down it, only have to reverse back the same way not more than five minutes later.

P1070782 P1070783

Before arriving at the base, he announced we were going for a hike. And then we were walking up towards the fortress. P1070793

And we got to the top, when I am not a fan of heights, so one quick look and then I was on lower ground !

P1070809 P1070815 P1070842

We were also driven to Brasov, for a short walk to show you how a typical Transylvania old city looked like. And that is were we found one of the smallest streets in Europe.

P1080117 P1080128 BRASOV

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