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This was my first visit to Centre Parcs at Elveden Forest. I have never been to one before and to be perfectly honest I do not think I would ever return. My family suggested this over dinner once, and they decided to give it a go. My husband and I could not stay as we had pets to look after. So went with the option of a day pass. This was £30 each and we allowed in the park between the hours of 10am and 8.59pm. Yes the booking does state that. I did not really have any idea what to expect. My family booked a four bedroom woodland lodge for  five adults and three children and were happy with what they had. But I was not pleased with how cramped I thought it was and that there was black mould on some of the windows. This place is over twenty five years old and it did show it in certain areas. I know that the children loved the water rapids and were going horse riding and there were lots of activities planned for them. We arrived about 11am, and went straight to the pancake house.


My sister and I were looking forward to this. But we were both disappointed. They tasted far to doughy and were not nice at all. And the server got my order wrong. A good start really.


Elveden Forest does have lots of over places to eat at; Sports Cafe, Cafe Rouge, Lakeview Restaurant, Foresters Inn, Starbucks, Dexter’s Kitchen, Bella Italia, Huck’s American Bar & Grill and The Canopy Cafe & Bar. You can also order a takeaway to your door; Indian, Chinese and Pizza, if that is a better option.



I just felt that it was expensive for what you got. And it also appears that I might be right as it was quoted in a national new paper that us in the UK pay a lot more than what the European Centre Parks cost

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