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Skyteam Lounge at Terminal Four was booked as this was possibly that my mum and I have our last long haul holiday for some time. I have made the decision to not fly long haul until I am on the right medication. So this time, we picked the cheapest and that was this. They state on the website

skyteam skyteam

  • Enjoy Business Class facilities in the unique SkyTeam Lounge. Complimentary facilities for Business or Leisure.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi, food & drink, showers & Clarins Spa treatments.
  • All facilities are included in the price.

This was my first time in a lounge. And I though it was adequate.


As we were there for breakfast, I was very limited. And due to being in my week two of my Humira injections, when my medication runs out, I thought I would try beans on toast. And I loved it. I have missed bread so much. And I was in pain with inflammation anyway.


Then I tried the scrambled eggs which even with my favourite Heinz tomato sauce. It was not very nice.


Then my mum requested some gluten free bread and I was served this.


The Skyteam lounge was quiet, unlimited food and drink, nicer toilets and nice view. My mum had said that there were nicer lounges than this one. It was nice to try something different. Would I book another airport lounge? Maybe depending on flight time, and cost. This was £30 per person.


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