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Somewhere that I was not aware of before I got to Valencia was the Riverbed Garden of Turia. The garden was created in the dry riverbed of the Turia after a catastrophic flood in 1957. In its place, the 120 hectares was split into twelve parts and full of native and non-native plants and Spanish wildlife, ponds and a zen garden. It is known as a  real park for the people, it is also home to an athletics track, artworks, climbing walls, football pitches, cafes, ponds and flowers. Traffic is diverted over the top of the 11 km long park via bridges at several intervals.

P1100442 P1100870

We did not walk the whole park. But from our hotel up and down to the City Of Arts And Sciences. And I just loved walking through it taking in the sights.

P1100802 P1100868

And there is a model of Gulliver tied to the ground with ropes. Children can climb on the ropes, retelling the story. Gulliver’s clothes make a network of slides and ladders.


There also appeared to be a cycle lane going straight through the garden. And we did see a lot of people on their bicycles.


And one night that had set up the first night of the Andalusian Feria de Valencia 2016, which lasts for ten days and is a celebration of the custom and cuisine.

P1100792 P1100795

It is such a lovely place and I would like to return and explore more but there is so much in the world to see. Maybe one day !

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