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Revolution Skincare is a new addition to my skincare cupboard. “Already the highest quality at affordable prices. Always cruelty free” this is the brands mantra. The brand only came onto the online market in 2013, originally online, it was snapped up by Superdrug to be sold on the high street. And has been an success since then  Being so popular, it ventured from just make up into hair, body and skincare. That is one that has interested me the most.

Revolution Skincare offers high quality, targeted solutions for the person that takes skincare seriously. Better skincare. Better makeup.

I am not too fussed about makeup in the slightest, but I am a little obsessed with skincare as my cupboard shows and like to try different products to see how my face reacts and it is good enough for me. Originally I brought two products


My face did like the Multi Peptide Serum and I will re buying again in the future.  This sank in quickly, no inflammation and I just liked it. This costs £10 for a 30ml bottle. This lasted me just over 3 months using twice a day.


Boots introduced some of the products in October of 2019. I got these three with a third off. The Bakuchiol Serum did nothing for me. Therefore no repurchasing. The same with the CBD Essence Spray, the perfume was so off putting, I used this up on my husband. Not repurchasing this either.

The Copper Peptide Serum was another letdown.

Another product that I have my eye are;

  • Skin Hydration & Regenerating Serum – 5% ATP
  • Skin Firming Solution – Stabilised Active Collagen

The other products like the face masks and essences, have a look of a bit gimmicky and geared towards the younger generation. And look very perfumed, which is not what I am after.  As long as they continue to bring out products that my skin likes and are a price that I am happy with. Then I will continue to support this British brand. You can find Revolution products in Superdrug, Boots and here at there own website.

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