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The Ulster GP was an unexpected event on my birthday. Luckily for me the Ulster GP was taking place the same time we were in Belfast. The GP is a motorcycle road race that takes place on the Dundrod Circuit. The circuit comprised public roads closed for racing. And they do close the roads. Its billed as the ‘World’s Fastest Road Race’.

Ulster GP

We arrived at a corner and watched some of the racing – but what you see is bikes racing past you. And you can listen to the commentary.

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We moved onto another corner and watched the racing on the big screen and saw the helicopter following the bikes around the circuit. We were there not more than 10 mins before there was an accident not more than 10 metres away from our stop. I did not see a thing. The race was red flagged and stopped. And this just shows how dangerous road racing actually is. It was an interesting experience but I would have preferred to go to a MotoGP event as I follow some of the riders and that is a future goal !

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