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I was surprised to visit Kew Palace. I had read about it many years ago as the home of the mad King George III. But was pleased to find it in the grounds of Kew Gardens and it was free to enter. We came across the Royal Garden and then the Royal Kitchen before actually entering the Palace.

Royal Garden

I just love these formal walled garden that are so self efficient, and I have always wanted to do one, but with my lifestyle it is probably unlikely that I would have time.

We then entered the Royal Kitchens.

Royal Kitchen

Where they were actually cooking food from the 19th century, what the King and Queen would have had. It smelt nice but I am glad I was not asked to try it. We then left and turned a corner and found Kew Palace.

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The rooms of the palace have been restored to their Georgian style as the palace was lain untouched for almost two centuries after being abandoned by the royal family following the death of Queen Charlotte in 1818. It was a lovely place to visit and I can now tick it off my list of palaces !

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