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Kew Gardens has been on my list of places in London for years. I finally got here. Unlikely for me, it was the week before the Hive is opened, and both the Pergoda and Temperate House are currently closed for renovations. But as I would like to experience the Christmas event, I am putting in my calendar for December 2018. Yes that is when Temperate House a greenhouse that  is the world’s largest surviving Victorian glass structure will be finished.

We arrived and paid £15.oo for both tickets, as we used a two for one using the railway tickets. We started heading down Camellia Walk towards the Pergoda.


Heading through the Ruined Arch


And came across the Pagoda, which was erected in 1762.


But this was closed so we headed down Holly Walk


Something that I did not realise about Kew is that every ten minutes a plane flies over and you can even see which airline it belongs to. So it is not such a peaceful place over this side of the botanical garden.


Then we came across the Chokushi-Mon.  Which was built for the Japan-British Exhibition in 1910 and then moved to Kew in 1911. It is is surrounded by a reconstruction of a traditional Japanese garden.  We then stopped for a spot of lunch that we had brought with us from Marks and Spencer.  And took a spot by the lake to watch the local wildlife.


We then decided to walk and find the Treetop Walkway and in hind sight, I really should not have done this. There was no way I could have gone up the stairs but there is a lift. I walked around as quickly as I could and I could feel myself getting queasy as my vertigo was starting.



You are literally in the tree tops, it is 18 metres high and 200 metres long and something that I will never do again in my return visit. We then walk to find Queen Charlotte’s cottage.


This cottage was tiny. And we then made our way back towards the Sackler Crossing bridge. We found the bamboos and rhododendrons. And came across Kew Palace and the Royal Gardens. That will be the next post. After the palace we found the Prince Of Wales Conservatory that seem to go on and on. When you go, you will know what I mean !


Then we found ourselves at the Rock Garden, which was had my favourite iris’s.


And look at this Rose pergola, it is so pretty and I would love this in my garden, if it was big enough !


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